Explore Matters of Life and Faith that Speak to the Heart!

“Come in, come in and sit down, you are part of the family.  Children and elders, middlers and teens, singles and doubles and in-betweens, strong eighty-fivers and street-wise sixteens, for we are part of a family!”  

The words and music of James Manley best express the role that Bethany-Newton United Churh has pursued while serving the families of Surrey and the surrounding communities since 1917!  We are people centered, family friendly and open to all – no matter how strong you feel your faith to be.

In 1997 we created a new home to offer people of the community a retreat from the hectic pace of life in the 21st century.  We are interested in what interests you!  We have many exciting programs for all age groups from children to seniors — faith study groups, great story time for kids, a fabulous choir (always looking for new faces!), quick lunches after Sunday service, community outreach programs, support for busy families and much more!  We are very much like a close family and all are welcome to participate in our varied activities and experience our service in any way that is suitable for them.

The Mission Statement of Bethany-Newton United Church is:

We, as a community of faith led by the Spirit of God, are called to:

  • Be nurtured in our personal spiritual growth through worship, study, and Christian Development.
  • Encourage and support one another in our shared ministry of Jesus Christ.
  • Invite and welcome others to join us on their faith journey.
  • Be inclusive and caring to all in our church family.
  • Be ecumenical and just in our thinking, living and actions.
  • Be faithful to the basic principles of the United Church of Canada.
  • Nurture, support, and help build strong, diverse families in our community


We are always looking to improve ourselves and learn how we can ‘do’ church better.  We want to know what is on people’s minds.  We want to know what they believe, what their questions are, what is troubling them, and what they need.