BNUC Council

How We Do What We Do

The Mission Statement of BNUC is:

We, as a community of faith, led by the Spirit of God, are called to:

  • Be nurtured in our personal spiritual growth through worship, study, and Christian Development
  • Encourage and support one another in our shared ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Invite and welcome others to join us on their faith journey
  • Be inclusive and caring to all in our community
  • Be ecumenical and just in our thinking, living and actions
  • Be faithful to the basic principles of the United Church of Canada
  • Nurture, support, and help build strong diverse families in our community.

It is the purpose of BNUC to facilitate the accomplishment of our Mission Statement through a Council and Committee structure that will encourage people to share in the responsibility for maintaining and growing a healthy Christian community. Committees and groups are accountable to Council

Council shall consist of

The Executive, consisting of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Minister, and one representative from each of the following Committees:
Christian Development, Finance, Ministry and Personnel, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Presbytery, Trustees, and Worship, BNUC Development, Council shall normally meet monthly

Descriptions of Council Executive Positions

Set dates for Council, Executive, Annual and Congregational meetings
Prepare agendas for meetings
Preside at meetings
Encourage and support committees and individuals in carrying out their responsibilities.

Keep accurate minutes of each meeting
Deal with correspondence as required
Distribute minutes at least twelve (12) days prior to next meeting
Preserve all minutes and other documents

Record and report all monies received from offerings, special events, building rental, donations
Record and report all monies disbursed to salaries, Receiver General, WCB, EI, UCC Pension Plan, Mission and Service Fund, committees, invoices
Provide an accurate, current financial monthly report to the Finance Committee and to Council at each meeting.

Descriptions of Committees

Christian Development
Support and encourage Sunday School, Youth Group, Study Groups, Vacation Bible Camp
Assist in the recruitment and training of teachers, leaders and counselors for CD programmes
Promote continuing education events at Naramata Centre, VST and local venues
Encourage, maintain and expand the use of our library


Work with the treasurer to oversee the financial management of the congregation. Prepare the budget for each fiscal year for presentation to Council and Congregation at the Annual meeting
Oversee stewardship campaigns
Oversee fundraising events

Ministry and Personnel
(Note ~ this committee is appointed by Council. Its work requires confidentiality.)
Offer support to staff.
Prepare and keep up-to-date job descriptions for all staff.
Deal with salaries, benefits and working conditions of the staff.
Meet regularly with staff.

Create opportunities for the congregation to become involved in its mission responsibilities outside its congregational life.
Initiate and support involvement in social justice issues.
Communicate BNUC’s mission.

Pastoral Care
Encourage, support and nurture all members of BNUC family.
Reach out to members unable to attend worship.
Arrange for visits to those in need.
Maintain regular communication with all BNUC families.
Faciltate the maintenance of the Historic Roll, Marriage, Baptism and Burial registers.
Maintain the Memorial Book and the Memorial Fund.
Plan social events that will enhance the life of the congregation.

Presbytery Representative
Attend each meeting of Fraser Presbytery (clergy and lay delegates usually meet monthly to conduct the work relating to all churches in the area from Hope to North Delta)
Relay news of these meetings to Council and congregation
Represent BNUC at Fraser Presbytery meetings
Arrange for alternate delegate if unable to attend Presbytery meeting

Assume the duties and responsibilities as set out in the Manual of the UCC.
Monitor the maintenance, safety and security of the building and surrounding property.

Participate with clergy regarding planning ofl worship services.
Assist in recruitment and training of ushers, greeters and readers of scripture.
Help plan appropriate seasonal decoration of the sanctuary.
Facilitate the admission of persons for baptism and membership into the UCC and BNUC
Prepare policies on baptism, marriage and funerals for approval by Council.

BNUC Development

Manage lease agreements, contracts and rentals of BNUC facilities. Create and design spaces for potential clients of BNUC. Develop new bussiness partnerships and sole proprietorships in BNUC spaces. Market the services and facilities of BNUC.

Small Groups Ministries
Anyone with an interest can initiate a get-together with others with the same interest.

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