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Happy Father's Day to all of you proud Dads and GrandDads! 
Thanks for the gifts you are and the gifts you bring!
Tomorrow, June 21st, is National Indigenous Peoples Day
If you're a FaceBook user search for Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association (FRAFCA) to participate in their Virtual Celebration and Wellness Event.
Our opening hymn, "Many and Great, O God, Are Your Works" was written in 1842 by a Metis named Joseph Renville. Renville’s mother was Dakota and his father, French. An explorer, fur trader, and Congregational minister, Renville helped found the Lac qui Parle Mission in Minnesota in 1835. This song, known as the “Dakota Hymn,” was sung by thirty-eight Dakota prisoners of war as they were led to execution at Mankato, Mennesota, on Dec. 26, 1862.
Special thanks to Jonathan and all of the HMC Alumni and Friends
for their gift of today's Music Ministry - "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace."