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Joy began singing early, very early. Her mom remembers her singing at the age of one and to this day, singing is second nature to Joy. At home she was exposed to hymns, country, jazz, rock and roll, Broadway, Disney and classical music. At age 7, Joy began formal training with school music classes, Glee club and piano lessons. She had a wonderful ear and was interested in learning pop music. When Joy was 8, she became a part of the church choir led by her uncle. She has continued to be a part of the church choir and worship team of every church she has attended. Joy was an eager participant in musicals, ensembles and talent shows all through school. As a teenager, she taught herself, her younger brother and his friend to play guitar. Joy’s love of all genres of music, through the seasons of her life, have been embedded and woven into her being and she is grateful for her parents’ exposing her and her siblings to music since childhood. Joy is a visual artist, working in oils, acrylics and watercolours. She is a non-licensed, non-practicing medical doctor. She is a wife, a daughter, a sister and a doting aunt. More importantly, she is a child of the King and will make His name known for as long as she is able, through art, music and writing. Aji was inspired in high school by his friends who took up guitar and music and were able to play all the songs that he liked. He initially taught himself and later on studied music formally, majoring in guitar in Music Conservatory. He mixed university and playing in a couple of bands. The university part was soon completed with a B.S. in Architecture, but the band playing continued. Aji’s early days in music were in church music and later he explored the total opposite, rock music. He still loves rock music and as a gifted musician, is able to play his other favourites, which are anything Joy wants to sing.