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Micheline Lugtu Gonzales or “Michie” to those close to her, was born into a God loving, musical family. Her father, Efren, was a choir director and mother, Laura, a church organist.  The youngest and only girl, Micheline has 3 older brothers where all the siblings sing and play more than one musical instrument. Growing up there were regular choir practices and clan singing held in the family home.  Her earliest performances at 4 years old were singing Elvis songs for visitors. Michie’s mother became a widow while the children were young. She continued her career, teaching Music and English and added teaching piano lessons.  She encouraged her daughter to join in all church singing. In high school Michie learned to play guitar and enjoyed singing, dancing, and playing instruments with her brothers and cousins.  She assisted her mother teaching school and church choirs. In college, she shared her beautiful soprano voice performing in concerts and stage musicals. College earned her a degree and many friends. Her experiences made her a strong, positive person ready to share her joy with others. During her career as HR Officer, Michie developed choirs for many companies.  She also taught piano and assisted her brothers, also choir directors, in developing company choirs. Michie’s retirement ministry carries her love and gratitude to her parents, as she lives their legacy by being the Organist/ Pianist/ Choir Director at her local church. This evening she will share her joy of music with the Grind participants.