We are open to assisting couples who wish to ask God to bless their wedding vows. We invite you to read the following information regarding how weddings are conducted within our Church community. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our church office.

An Introduction

All persons legally entitled to be married are welcome to celebrate their wedding at BNUC. The act of entering into marriage takes place in the context of friends and family as an act of worshipping God. The two make promises to each other, to the community and to God, that they will be together, come what may, "as long as we both shall live". Because of God's grace and faithfulness, human beings can enter such a covenant with faith, hope and great joy.

Christian Marriage: The Basics

We believe that Jesus Christ calls us, within services of marriage, to honour the equality and mutuality of the marriage partners.  BNUC recognizes all legal binding marriages. The common items required for a Christian marriage service are the worship of God, the reading of the Christian Bible, vows, prayers and blessing of the marriage and a marriage licence. Other appropriate actions may also take place (example: lighting of marriage candles).


Music (vocal, instrumental, congregational), because of its capacity to heighten the sense of celebration, is an important part of the marriage service.  It is expected that the Church's professional musician will be used. If you wish to make other arrangements regarding music you may speak with the minister. 


Seating Accommodation

Bethany-Newton United Church's worship space can comfortably seat 240 people.

Minister and Wedding Leaders

The Minister at BNUC will provide the services for the wedding. If the regular minister is not available, BNUC will provide another licenced wedding practitioner.


Photos and Video

Many couples wish to record their wedding service. We only ask that photographers try to not be intrusive during the ceremony. Working out a plan with the Minister is advised.

Decorating the Worship Space

You may decorate the worship space, as long as you do not cause damage. Out of respect for our religious traditions and community, we request that you not remove banners, hymn books, candles, or other items of significance from our worship space. If you require clarification, please talk with the wedding host.


Government Issues/Marriage Licence

Before you can be married in British Columbia, you must obtain a Marriage Licence from the Provincial Department of Vital Statistics.

You may obtain your licence either from its office:

2nd Floor, #250, 605 Robson St.

Vancouver  V6B 5J3



or from a Deputy District Registrar & Marriage Licence Issuer 

To ensure that the date of your wedding is secure, we require a $100.00 deposit. The remainder of the fees shall be paid one month prior to the date of your wedding.

Wedding Appointment

We require your marriage licence one month prior to your wedding.

A wedding appointment should be arranged with the minister a number of months prior to your wedding date. At your wedding appointment, we will talk about what makes a good wedding service, as well as get to know you before your wedding day. It is also a great opportunity to answer questions you may have.