Rev. Juanita Lowe

A prayer by United Church of Canada Moderator, Rt Rev Richard Bott

The world sits below a precipice,
waiting, after the first stone has been pushed to the edge and started to roll.
And we wonder, where will it stop.

We wonder,
what lives will be lost -
who will die on *this* war's altar?



I pray for the decision-makers of the world,
including Mr. Putin,
that they would find a way to
bring this to an end, now;
that they would find a way out -
for the people of Ukraine,
for the people of Russia,
for the world.

Tonight, I pray for all those who are protesting
this decision for war by the Russian government,
especially those Russian citizens
who are standing in the face of their government,
who are risking arrest and harsh punishment,
by telling their leaders this invasion must stop.

I pray for the people of Ukraine.
For the ones who are picking up arms
to defend themselves and those they love.
For the ones who are trying to get themselves,
their families, and their neighbours,
to safe haven, away from the fighting.
For the ones who are sleeping
in the subway, or in the basement,
or in a cellar,
for fear of the bombings.

I pray for the most vulnerable,
the ones who don't understand what is happening,
and rely on others for their safety;
and for those who carry the burden
of protection and care.

I pray for them all, God.

But, most of all,
I pray that your peace would pour down
like a God-aweful waterfall,
that those who, for whatever reason,
are choosing to make this happen,
would find all of their reasons and rationalizations
washed away by your overwhelming peace,
and your infinite love.

Help us, God.
As individuals, as communities,
as nation-states,
help us to be peace-bearers.

Overwhelm all that would kill and destroy,
we pray,
with your forever love,
and your amazing grace.

In Christ's name,
i ask these things.



Will you pray with me?
Will you ask your government's leadership to help to bring this to an end?


(Image: flickr, Public Domain)